Apartment for sale Whitefield

Assetz Marq provides 3 & 4 BHK Apartments for sale Whitefield which is spread across 22 Acres of huge land spaace. And provides quick access to the closest Namma Metro station so you can leave the township and return with ease. As the Assetz Property Group's popularity and value of its projects, Assetz Marq 2.0 is worth the visit. The said project is indeed an extended version of famous Assetz Marq 1.0 project and renders the overall 22-acre township a transpiring and successful venture.

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4 Towers

25+ World Class Amenities

3 & 4 BHK Configurations

22 Acres of Township

Assetz Marq 2.0 - 22 Acres of Township in Whitefield

Apartment facilities provide elements of a house that you wouldn't want to see elsewhere. The more facilities a building has, the more likely it is to achieve a strategic advantage in recruiting prospective tenants. When you're searching for an apartment, you should bear in mind the facilities that are most important to your lifestyle. This is going to be your home for months and even years to come. What's going to make it more fun, and what's not worth any spare rental income? It is important for owners and developers to realise which amenities would give the best return on their investment. If you are planning a new apartment complex or renovating an existing one, it helps to keep up to date. Some facilities, such as a pool, require not only an initial allocation of land and building costs, but extensive continuing upkeep. Others may be mounted at a minimal initial or continuing expense. Some could also save the landlord time and money.