Apartment for sale Whitefield

The project consists of 3 & 4 luxury apartments in whitefield. The BHK 3 is 1366 sqft configuration. Sqft in 1609. The 4 BHK sqft to 2279 sqft apartments range. The apartments are built with great comfort and the finest facilities. The project has all the latest facilities to make your life easy and convenient. In this estate, there are 25 + facilities, including elevator, car park, high school, gymnasium, children's playground, countryside parks, gated community, etc.

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4 Towers

25+ World Class Amenities

3 & 4 BHK Configurations

22 Acres of Township









Assetz Marq 2.0 - 22 Acres of Township in Whitefield

Assetz Property Group has been founded in 2006, and they still rank at the 'top developers' rankings in India. Headquartered in Singapore, Assetz has worked in business, residential, warehousing and fund management areas. Assetz is actually behind more than 10 million square feet of land. Assetz is proud of its creations and behind each of its projects is a lot of science. Assetz 's master plans, architecture, venue selections, construction policy and design highlight their work ethics and expertise. Assetz is not only a young player on an upward trajectory, she is also the voice of the future. If you found that, for all the right reasons, Bangalore is the city you are looking for, you will end up with an exhaustive list. Leader in IT, outsourcing, schooling and cleanliness, to name a few, the conglomerate in Bangalore houses cosmopolitan crowds, exhibitors, businessmen and more. When there is not ample evidence that there is an influx of 1000 people a day, the economic growth is definitely 10% per year.


Whitefield began on the ground which was once an unfruitful and barely populated property, much like most success storeys. When Chamraja Wodeyar IX, then the Maharaja of Mysore, gave a part of the land to Anglo Indians and Euro-Asians 200 years ago, Whitefield not only got its names but also their identities. In reality, with the IT boom, Whitefield was one of the most popular localities in Bangalore from being the less frequented ground. The old desolate stuff about IT-Parks now is plentiful.